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Instagram —

will allow you to attract
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Masslooking stories & hypervote algorithm attracts real followers to your Instagram account while you are doing your business

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How Does Masslooking 
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Your account will view & send reactions up to 50k stories of Instagram users per day.  
Potential clients and followers every day click to the pages of those who view their stories.
You will become one of them.

Why is LIKEFINITY masslooking 
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All possible types of sources are available to you: followers, geolocation, hashtags. Your account views stories of live users only.

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Account statistics

Track the growth of your account's followers, involvement, and number of visits.

Self-educating algorithm

Unique algorithm independently determines limit of stories per day that your account can view. You get maximum speed.

Affiliate program

Share our referral link and get 40% from each payment for each added account based on your recommendation.

Convenient mobile application

You can use our service anywhere and anytime. No installation and no loss of functionality.

Mass reactions & masslooking 
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method in 2020

During the whole period of Instagram existence, there were a lot of powerful techniques of promotion automation, but over time 
they became obsolete. Now it is a unique time not to be missed. Launch the service 
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Up to 50k reactions daily

Over 44000 users

Price starting from 6,75$ / month if pay anually

The partners get 40% from each payment

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Your account statistics
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1 month

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You will obtain:

Up to 25.000 visits

Up to 10.000 followers


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Why is masslooking better than other automation methods?

Why is it reasonable to use viewing stories technology right now?